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References and Suggested Readings


San Dieguito River Park: 

Calflora: Information on wild California plant species, searchable by county,  plant community (habitat), common name or scientific name, resulting in maps,  photos, and some basic information: 

San Diego County Plant Atlas, San Diego Natural History Museum (includes a  Google Earth Plug In): Also interactive plant search map: Schoenherr, A.A. (1992).  

San Dieguito Lagoon 

San Dieguito Lagoon Interpretive Walk: restoration-project-dedicated/ 

Southern California Edison Wetland Restoration Plan at the San Dieguito  Lagoon: san_dieguito-lagoon-final-restoration-plan_112005.pdf 

San Dieguito Watershed  

The San Dieguito River Watershed: e&id=36&Itemid=45 

San Diego Coastkeeper. San Diego Watersheds. Interactive map of water  quality along watersheds, including San Dieguito: 

Water Quality Monitoring  

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). How’s My Waterway? (searchable  by location): .  

Water quality indicators: Biological, chemical and physical parameters.  Adapted from Healthy Water, Healthy People: Water Quality Educators Guide ( Available at: